Protection Planning

Protecting you, your family/dependants and or business is one of the most important areas of advice. Do not neglect it.

Step One:

Ask yourself some questions!

Q: Do you have a Will?

A: No, then you need one!

A: Yes, then ask is it up to date and fully reflective of your situation and wishes? If not you need to review it!

Note: If you have children or other financial dependants then having a valid and current will is critical.

We ask a practicing lawyer to draw up our clients’ Wills. They have a no-nonsense ‘Wills Questionnaire” to ‘start the ball rolling. Click here and request a referral to our lawyer and visit our Estate and Succession Planning page.

Step two:

Ask yourself some more questions!

  • What would happen if a death or illness occurs?
  • How would a death or illness affect my family?
  • How would a death or illness affect my business, would my fellow directors want to continue to support the business?

Most people – and companies - have a need for protection, we provide advice on which type of cover bests suits your and/or your companies needs, how much cover is required to protect your family and business a and suitable policy in place.

We believe in keeping things simple! We do NOT mix insurance needs with investment needs. EXCEPT where valid, for second-death planning.

basic Types of cover:

Term Life Insurance

Term cover is invariably essential for most families or businesses. It offers protection through the payment of a lump sum in the unfortunate event of the life insured’s death or on diagnosis of a terminal illness.

The major benefit of term life insurance is assisting families or businesses to meet debts such as mortgages, leases and overdrafts, and day-to-day expenses that arise from loss of income. Additional cover can also be taken against permanent total disability (TPD).

Critical Illness

A major illness happening to the earning member of a family may leave the other members in deep financial difficulty. Critical Illness Cover (CIC) offers protection to families against such financial hardships resulting from major illnesses. The policy pays a lump sum on diagnosis of specified critical illness or disability.

Income Protection

The present and future income expectations of an individual decide the quality of life that he/she is able to lead. It is important that you start protecting your income right from the time when you are most capable of earning. Income Protection is the efficient method to protect your income, paying regular sum to the policyholder after a deferred period whilst incapacitated and hence unable to work due to illness or accident

Shareholders’ Protection

The death of a business owner is of course very traumatic for his or her family as well as those connected with the business. One of the financial implications is that the owner's widow/widower or other beneficiaries will inherit the shares but may have no interest in the business or may have an immediate need for money. Having a suitable agreement is the first step, but insurance may also be needed to provide funds for the share purchase.

Key Man

Most business will guard against the loss of material assets such as buildings and contents. Too many do not protect against the death or serious illness of key personnel who may be vital to the business. Yet the death or serious illness of a key member of staff can have a huge impact on your business, Key Man Insurance provides a range of solutions to help your business continue as smoothly as possible.

If you are an Expat in Hong Kong or Asia avoid buying an ILAS (Insurance Linked Life Assurance) plan and read this. They are not stand alone insurance product, are very expensive and only go to line the pockets of the salesperson selling them and the insurance company offering them.

How much will it cost?

It is important that you know how we are remunerated. Insurance policies written in Hong Kong and the wider region DO pay commission. This cannot be avoided. We will disclose exactly how much commission a policy will generate BEFORE you decide to proceed. We will keep a time-sheet detailing the work we do for you and offset our fees against said commission. You will either have extra to pay (agreed) in advance or a credit on you account against future work we might undertake. This is not perfect but it is the best we can do within the current regulatory framework regarding commissions.

Kick the tyres!

Verify our Hong Kong Regulatory status here and here. Never take investment advice in Hong Kong from an entity or person not on this register. In short, they are not legally able to give investment advice if not on the register. Note: Authorisation or regulation by the SFC does not imply official recommendation.

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Integrity Matters!

Check out the professional bodies with which our team are members and hold hard earned professional qualifications and designations such as MCSI, MHKSI and FHKSI. Be wary of taking investment advice from an entity or person not formally associated with a credible professional body. Membership of such bodies requires significant ongoing commitment to retain any designation along with unwavering integrity.

Our Insurance Services

No-nonsense Group Medical Insurance and Protection Planning.

Group Private Medical Insurance

Group Private Medical Insurance

Optimise your cover vs. budget and simplify the process of getting the right cover in-force at the right price and at the right time.

Protection Planning

Protection Planning

Protecting you, your family/dependants and or business is one of the most important areas of advice.

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